Dial Direct UK Ltd

Business Telecommunications Provider

VoIP Solutions

As we are partners with all major UK providers, we will source all networks to find the best plan based on your call profile and your needs. This means we can offer:

  • A full review of your current telephony usage and needs.
  • Bespoke packages.
  • Dedicated and local customer services.
  • Cost savings on Lines & calls.

Mobile Telephones

We source all major networks to find the best plan for your business based on your call profile. Our service team will then fully support you through the term of the contract in a personal, prompt and professional manner.

Mobile Broadband and Data

We offer data only SIM cards which are becoming more of a business requirement from a standard tablet device to an intelligent data collection device in a large piece of machinery

Fibre Ethernet This service is delivered using end-to-end fibre optic connections and provides:

  • High-capacity and flexible connectivity
  • Dedicated and uncontended bandwidth
  • Highly reliable connections
  • 24/7 monitoring and helpdesk
  • Managed router
  • Service Level Agreement for peace of mind
  • Maximise productivity

Fibre to the premises

Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband, Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) create an unbroken fibre connection all the way from an exchange directly to a property – making it our fastest, most reliable connection ever. With speeds of up to 1Gbps, it’s ready for anything 

Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband will service your needs for decades to come. As fibre optic technology evolves, you’ll already have everything that you need in your property to get the benefits – upgrade or downgrade your speed without ever needing an engineer to visit your home.

Mobile Broadband 4G/5G

We use 5G broadband to bring you an internet connection, just as we do on your phone. Instead of using fixed fibre technology, it uses 5G mobile technology, so you can use it on the go. 5G Business Broadband gives you superfast speeds online allowing streaming, downloading, and increased capacity for multiple users