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The company has offices in Glasgow and Budapest, headquartered in Newbury. Gamma’s market differentiator is its omnichannel service capability, spanning voice, mobile, data, and the cloud. As a standalone network carrier, Gamma boasts one of the UK’s largest fixed-line networks and is ranked as a leading provider of SIP trunks. This legacy is behind Gamma’s next-generation of communication services geared for small, mid-sized, and large businesses.  
Gamma has partnered with BroadSoft to bring its enterprise clients cutting edge telephony systems. 


Horizon is Gamma’s flagship cloud-based phone service, including a host of fixed and mobile telephony features, as well as an easy-to-use web portal. This allows local admins to configure and manage your communication system, without constant intervention from IT.


Let’s now further review Gamma Horizon’s many capabilities.


Inside Gamma Horizon
The solution replaces traditional, on-premise telephones with a cloud-hosted service. As a result, you enjoy the reliability and assurance of physical telephony systems, without any of the associated hardware and maintenance costs. Cloud systems also have the added advantage of easy scalability, adapting to your enterprise needs.


Here is a quick review of the features enabled by Gamma Horizon:

  • Team collaboration – standard calling using Gamma Horizon takes on a whole new dimension with its collaboration-focused features. You can access N-way calling (conference calls) to loop in multiple executives on a single interaction. Hunt Groups allow easy routing as per pre-determined business rules. You can define your own groups and departments, customising collaboration workflows. And instant group calling ensures that there’s always a helping hand when you need it the most
  • Efficiency and productivity – Several nifty features help to cut down the time and effort taken for common contact centre tasks. Last number redial, automatic call back, and up to 100% speed dials cut down interaction timelines. You can also optimise workforce utilisation by enabling the Do Not Disturb for unavailable executives and using the busy lamp keys to monitor idle time. Expectedly, Gamma Horizon includes exhaustive call records for later usage – for example, audits, training, etc.
  • Security and fraud prevention – You can define authorisation codes to regulate access to your business phone interfaces. Unapproved call types can be barred right from the handset, and you can keep an eye on compliance through detailed call histories
  • Branding and corporate reputation – The interface can be customised as per brand guidelines through the addition of logos and even promotional messages. Customers can be greeted by a tailored welcome tune, carrying announcements, company updates, and ongoing offers. This makes way for greater brand recall, while also empowering customers through self-service
  • Mobile and flexible working – Gamma Horizon is an excellent solution in today’s rapidly growing gig economy. You can build a remote office in any location, and your Gamma Horizon phone number remains unchanged. Remote workers can access call settings from any location, and keep track of voicemail via email


Why Gamma Horizon Makes a Difference
Mobility is probably the biggest USP here. Gamma boasts a truly converged fixed and mobile ecosystem, with one number across devices, unified call records, and reports, a single web portal, and a soft client. We were particularly impressed by the last feature that lets you use Gamma Horizon even if you do not have a Gamma-compatible telephone, and are still in contract with another provider. Soft clients are available on both mobile and desktop, on any operating system of your choice.

Coming to the hardware side of things, Gamma has partnered with Polycom, Cisco, and Yealink to bring customers a wide selection of devices. For example, Yealink’s cordless option is ideal for mobility while Polycom has devices ranging from entry-level phones to the premium power user end-of-the-spectrum.


What We Think
Gamma places special attention on call quality with extensive metrics monitoring, proactive call testing, and constant reviews for SLA adherence. Given that Gamma has its own telecom network, you’re in pretty good hands. Horizon is also ready to scale, with a usage-based payment model for value-added services. And it involves only a minimal capex to get started.


If you’re based in the UK, Gamma Horizon is definitely worth a good look. Its mobile-first stance, superior network quality, and handset delivery in 24 hours, together make for a compelling value proposition.New Paragraph