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GPS Systems For Business

If you have a logistics department within your business, you probably want to know where vehicles, stock or employees are. If you have lone workers or remote staff, it’s always good to know that they are safe and sound within their work day.

Dial Direct are able to provide a  fully tailored system using the Global Positioning System to meet your tracking needs.

Fleet Management

Implementing a professional fleet management solution will improve your business efficiency, saving you time and money and improving your relationship with your employees and customers.

Traffic Avoidance

Live information fed directly to your driver will ensure they are always following the smartest route from one customer to the next, no matter how congested the roads become. Being in a position to reach your destination on time every time; will optimise productivity, reduce driver stress and create a lasting positive, professional impression of your business.

Driver Safety

As a responsible business, you need to ensure your drivers are not exceeding the legal safe limits for time behind the wheel, and stick to the rules of the road. Real time tachograph data transmitted back to the office will enable you to keep a check on working time, and encourage safer driving with alerts to notify driving events including; harsh steering, sudden breaking or speeding.

Vehicle Tracking

Have instant access and historical reporting on important vehicle information and driving behaviour such as speed, mileage and fuel consumption. Vehicle tracking logs every movement of your vehicles for up to 90 days which can be viewed and analysed at any time.

Employee Tracking

Monitor the welfare of lone or remote workers through your company mobiles without the need for an additional or dedicated service. Ideal for employees who have to work at remote locations, or attend appointments where there is a potential risk to their personal safety.

All movements are tracked with GPS location through the mobile phone, and alarms can be triggered easily on demand from the employee, or automatically after a set period if the alarm has not been disarmed (for example after 60 minutes following the commencement of a meeting).

Upon activation, instant text messages and emails can be sent to concerned parties for support, providing the exact GPS information, enabling a rapid response to the precise location.